The true experiences of medical professionals who have joined the WHOLISTIC WELLNESS™ REVOLUTION to bring lasting healing through Wholistic Wellness™ instead of treating every ill with a pill. Wholistic Wellness is the practice of returning to our natural state of health by adopting a lifestyle that supports the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive.

Real healing starts from within.


Tuesday, October 18, 2022


“Wholistic Wellness Coaching™ is the method of providing strategic, informational, and motivational support in assisting a person to achieve their Wholistic Wellness™ goals. Our vision is that every clinician integrates Wholistic Wellness Coaching™ into their practice, and this approach becomes the gold standard of care.

Dr. Christine Manukyan
3X Best-Selling Author and Founder of The Storrie Institute™


Practitioner to Wholistic Wellness Coach™: The Next Wave offers a raw and honest view into the lives of 13 healthcare professionals who are choosing to step out of practicing conventional medicine in order to create a purpose-filled life where whole-life balance is possible. Each author is a valuable part of STORRIE Institute™ and is on a mission to IMPACT ONE MILLION LIVES THROUGH WHOLISTIC WELLNESS™, the practice of returning to our natural state of health by adopting a lifestyle that supports the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive.


Creating the life you are designed to live is no small task, and these clinicians have taken the courageous step forward in order to make a life-saving impact on other people’s lives. As they share their personal experiences, you will understand exactly why this Wholistic Wellness™ uprising is necessary. Within each of these stories, you will gain priceless advice, tools, and resources that will last a lifetime.


Clinician or not, you will find shared experiences throughout this book. Nobody deserves to live a life that is plagued by a lack of real answers, failed treatment plans, all-consuming stress, and a state of constant burnout. You deserve to get to the root cause of what has prevented you from stepping into the life you are created to live.


Meet the Authors

Join us for the Practitioner to Wholistic Wellness Coach™: The Next Wave book launch celebration October 18th 2022 at 4 PM PST to meet and celebrate the authors.

Dr. Christine Manukyan

Dr. Kamika Baylor 

Dr. Nikki Benedict 

Dr. Cortney Fowels, DPT

Dr. Benjamin Gibson 

Dr. Chelsea Green 

Carolyn Monroe, NP 

Dr. James Motyka 

Dr. Jenny Ohler 

Dr. Theodora Precup 

Dr. Nicole Slater

Dr. Hannah Thorfinnson 

Sandra Wells, RPh

Meet the Organizer, Dr. Christine Manukyan

Dr. Christine Manukyan is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, 2x bestselling author and top-ranked STORRIE™ Podcast host. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 13 years in Corporate America as a Clinical Pharmacist with various leadership roles. After experiencing her own health transformation with Functional Medicine, losing 100+ lbs and becoming a natural bodybuilding athlete and marathon runner, she found her true calling empowering others to reach their health goals without pharmaceuticals using a holistic lifestyle approach. Dr. Christine has helped more than 300 clients transform their health and rewrite their stories.

Dr. Christine is the founder and CEO of The STORRIE™ Institute, the world-leading accountability-based business incubator and functional medicine certification program for clinicians to launch and scale a profitable 6 to 7 figure Functional Medicine practice. She is on a mission to impact 1 million lives around the world with functional medicine. 

Dr. Christine is a frequent speaker on holistic lifestyle choices, creating a virtual business, founder and entrepreneur mindset, and creating multiple income streams. She has spoken in front of audiences numbering 15,000+ and has been recognized globally for her entrepreneurial achievement and dedication. Her past publications and magazine features include FORBES, Yahoo, Disruptors, Authority and BRAINZ Magazine.   

Dr. Christine is leading the Functional Medicine Revolution and is passionate about mentoring burned-out medical professionals struggling to balance family, career, and their health to take control of their life and career and create a profitable functional medicine practice.    

Dr. Christine believes that everyone deserves a second chance to rewrite their story and become the best version of themselves.

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That means for many of our neighbors, putting food on the table remains a daily struggle.

Feeing America recognizes that hunger is a complex issue. When people face hunger, they often struggle to meet other basic needs as well — such as housing, employment, and healthcare. That’s why Feeding America is committed to more than providing food for people in need. They also want to make progress toward ending hunger for good. To do this, Feeding America aims to meet people’s needs holistically by partnering with other organizations that address everything from homelessness to health care. Together, we can find the most innovative ways to help the people we serve and achieve a hunger-free America. 


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Practitioner to Wholistic Wellness Coach™: The Next Wave teaches lessons including...

  • How intuition is one of your most powerful assets
  • How to decipher when to trust the process and when to change the process
  • How to make changes even when it feels impossible.
  • How to boldly follow your intuition
  •  Launch your own functional medicine business
  • ...and much more!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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