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Discover 10 Ways to Add Additional Streams of Income to Your Health & Wellness Business

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We know there’s more to achieving whole body health than pills and surgery.


The STORRIE Institute shows clinicians how to incorporate healthy lifestyle recommendations, functional medicine, & other healing modalities into their practices.

Meet our Founder, Dr. Christine Manukyan, and learn about our approach. 

Our Approach

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STORRIE Institute gives exhausted clinicians
the opportunity to rewrite their “story.”

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You can stop working too many hours in a stressful environment.

You’re exhausted by your work schedule, having to overcompensate for corporations being understaffed. We’ll show you how to work fewer hours while earning more.

You can stop sacrificing your health.

You’re sacrificing your own health to help your patients and attend to your family. At STORRIE Institute your health comes first, and we show you how to prioritize yourself as you build your practice.

You can stop pushing short-cuts you don’t agree with.

You’re tired of pushing short-cuts and band-aids when you know there are healthier, more sustainable holistic options. We’ll show you how to offer those alternative options legally and ethically.

You can stop feeling financially restricted & eliminate student loans.

You’re financially capped by your employer, insurance companies, and other laws. We’ll show you how to earn additional income on the side to supplement or replace your full-time income, using the education you’ve invested in.

You can avoid unsafe work practices that put you at risk.

You’re buried in instructions from your employer that say you have to do a million steps to track, report, and document all the things you do each day.

You can have more peace of mind about the work you do.

You’re altering your standard of care based on the industry risks you’ve been warned about. We’ll show you how to create superior outcomes with health and wellness, as you operate under the larger.

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Wholistic Wellness Coaching can include services of many kinds   


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Critical trends in the market are positioning STORRIE Institute ahead of the curve.


At STORRIE Institute, our approach is centuries old and cutting edge. In 1904, Thomas A. Edison was famously quoted for saying,

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. “

Over 100 years later, that future has arrived. We can agree there are many things about the healthcare industry that aren’t working, and change is coming fast.

These trends are creating a perfect storm for massive disruption in the healthcare space:


❗️Prioritizing profits over patient outcomes 

❗️Brick and mortar pharmacies closing

❗️Digital transactions and payments on the rise

❗️The struggle for reimbursement growing

❗️Clinicians being paid less to work more

❗️A rising demand for more natural options

❗️A booming health & wellness era

❗️Millennials and Gen Z demanding wellness perks from employers

❗️Corporate wellness programs expanding


These trends in the market have created an urgent need for clinicians to impact health in a more modern way.

At STORRIE Institute, we equip clinicians with the knowledge, training, and tools they need to incorporate virtual health and wellness services into their skillset, so they can thrive in any economy and achieve the superior health outcomes they desire. 


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STORRIE Institute equips you to succeed. 


Explore new disciplines in the health & wellness fields

Hone an area of expertise based on your zone of genius


Incorporate your new skills into your existing practice or create a virtual wellness practice of your own


See clients who are sent to you by referral 


Build a personal brand around your area of expertise


Become a thought leader in your field

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