At STORRIE Institute® we empower purpose-driven aspiring coaches to transform lives through a comprehensive approach to wholistic wellness and vitality. 


Welcome to the world’s leading Wholistic Wellness™ business certification program for clinicians, wellness practitioners, coaches, and holistic professionals.


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What is Wholistic Wellness

Wholistic Wellness™ is the practice of returning to our natural state of health by adopting a lifestyle that supports the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive.


What is Wholistic Wellness Coaching

Wholistic Wellness Coaching™ is the method of providing strategic, informational, and motivational support in assisting a person to achieve their Wholistic Wellness™ goals.

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Every practitioner integrates STORRIE Wholistic Wellness Coaching™, Energy Healing and Wholistic Vitality™ & Life Coaching into their practice, and this approach becomes the gold standard of care.  


STORRIE Institute® to lead the Wholistic Wellness Revolution™ and impact one million lives globally through Wholistic Wellness™.   


To empower purpose-driven aspiring coaches, providing them with the education and support they need to elevate their wellness practice and amplify their impact. 

The time is now to change lives around the world.   

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About Dr. Christine Manukyan


Dr. Christine Manukyan is a leading figure in holistic health and personal development. Transitioning from a pharmacist to a Wholistic Vitality™ & High Performance Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Strategist, Business Mentor, NeuroBreathwork™ Practice Creator and 5x No.1 Bestselling Author, she’s leading the Wholistic Wellness Revolution™ as the Founder and CEO of STORRIE Institute® and STORRIE Wellness™, setting a new gold standard of care.


With over a decade in Corporate America, Dr. Christine's remarkable health journey, including shedding over 100 lbs and excelling as a natural bodybuilding athlete and marathon runner, ignited her mission to empower others to optimize their health without pharmaceuticals.

Board-certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Reiki, Dr. Christine's expertise is complemented by her education from Harvard Medical and Business Schools, along with her training in Dr. Joe Dispenza's HealthCare Practitioner (HCP) Program. A sought-after speaker and top-ranked The Wholistic Vitality™ Podcast host , she has graced stages worldwide and has been featured in top publications such as FORBES, Yahoo, ABC, and CBS.

Dr. Christine's visionary strength, combined with her strategic acumen, allows her to predict market trends and develop impactful solutions, guiding her students to success at STORRIE Institute®.

Believing in second chances, Dr. Christine is committed to helping visionary leaders and entrepreneurs elevate their health to amplify their impact, influence, and income.

Wholistic Wellness Coaching™

When you enroll in The Wholistic Vitality™ Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to explore many health and wellness resources. Some require further 3rd party training and others do not. To start your Wholistic Wellness™ Coaching practice, you can choose one or more of these three options:


Serve clients with what you already know.  


Most of our students don’t realize they already have the credentials to provide incredible value as a Wholistic Wellness Coach™. Their prior experience and training give them plenty of options to get started immediately.   


Add a new discipline to your tool belt. 


Many aspects of Wholistic Wellness™, such as nutrition and lifestyle medicine, accelerate the results of traditional allopathic recommendations. Integrating new services complements your experience and training and adds to your credibility.   


Build your wellness practice on something entirely new. 

 You can offer new services from an exciting list of cutting-edge disciplines while operating outside of any clinical designations you have attained in the past. You are able to see “clients” (not patients) while operating under the legal umbrella of coaching.   

Areas of Focus

Our students have created wellness practices in many areas of focus.

Here is a small sampling of areas you can choose from. There are many more! 

Chronic Inflammation


Essential Oils



Yoga & Meditation




Stress Management

Gut Health



Weight Loss


Hormonal Imbalance

Mental Wellness

Asthma & Allergies  

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