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STORRIE: Quantum Wholistic Healing: Awaken Your Journey

QUANTUM WHOLISTIC HEALING™: AWAKEN YOUR JOURNEY offers a raw and honest view into the lives of 27 practitioners who are choosing to step out of practicing conventional medicine in order to create a purpose-filled life where whole-life balance is possible. Authors are on a mission to impact 1 million lives through holistic healing.


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Creating The Functional Medicine Revolution offers a raw and honest view into the lives of 15 healthcare professionals who are choosing to step out of practicing conventional medicine in order to create a purpose-filled life where whole-life balance is possible.

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STORRIE: Creating The Functional Medicine Revolution

Creating the life you are designed to live is no small task, and these clinicians have taken the courageous step forward in order to make a life-saving impact on other people’s lives. As they share their personal experiences, you will understand exactly why this functional medicine uprising is necessary. Within each of these stories, you will gain priceless advice, tools, and resources that will last a lifetime.

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Unleash The STORRIE Within

Offers an all-encompassing view into the lives of 19 healthcare professionals who have chosen to step out of burnout and into a purpose filled life where whole-life balance is truly possible. Together, these authors are empowering others to reach their health goals without pharmaceuticals.

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Published Articles


12 Wellness Perks, Policies Or Initiatives Your Team Will Actually Get Excited About

It should come as no surprise that a healthy and happy employee is a more productive one. This is why many employers are looking to employee wellness programs to help their team members build healthier habits to improve both their physical and mental health. However, getting employees interested in taking advantage of these benefits means considering their needs and what gets them excited to participate.


Published Sept. 7, 2023

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Tips For Offering Breathwork As A Corporate Wellness Benefit

Demand seems to be increasing for wellness at work.


We know that a focus on wellness is good for us—as individuals and as a society—especially when it comes to addressing mental health challenges like burnout, stress and depression. Employers are rightly feeling the need to make changes not just for the health of their workers but also for the health of their businesses.

Published Aug 21, 2023

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Beginner's Breathwork: 5 Easy Fundamentals For Entrepreneurs

Optimal health is what you want to achieve, but do you know how? There's an abundance of wellness information online that focuses on the physical aspect of health. But overall well-being goes beyond the physical. Emotional and mental wellness cannot be overlooked. Balanced health requires the mind, body and spiritual self to operate synergistically.

Published Dec. 22, 2022

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Invest In Your Quarter 4 Strategy Now To Skyrocket Your Wellness Coaching Practice In The New Year

 A lot of business owners look at Q4 as the wrap-up—the much-anticipated end of an economically turbulent year. But that isn’t the perspective that you should have as a wellness coach. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Published Oct 26, 2022

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The Recession Is Here: 3 Ways To Protect Your Clinical Career From An Unsteady Economy

No matter how many times we enter into a recession, there will always be the fear of the unknown surrounding it. However, there is no need for you as a clinician to be caught in the back end of this turbulent economy.


Here are three ways that you can add revenue in addition to your active income so that you’re protected and prepared for any economic changes.

Published Sep 7, 2022

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3 Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Incorporate Holistic Wellness Coaching Into Their Practice

Health coaching is on the rise within the medical space. It isn’t just a stand-alone profession; you can incorporate it into your current practice. Here are three ways you can do that.

Published Aug 2, 2022

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3 Tips To Attract Your Dream Clients As A Holistic Wellness Coach

 Taking the leap into starting your own holistic wellness coaching practice is one of the best decisions you can make as a health care professional. This step in your career can grant you the freedom that you’ve always dreamt of having.

 Published July 5, 2022

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Three Ways To Take Back Your Time And Maximize Your Income

The global pandemic has caused a boom in new business startups, resulting in more than 4 million new business applications by the end of 2020. This trend has continued throughout 2021 leading many new entrepreneurs to feel the pressure caused by overworking and under-making. 

Published Jan 25, 2022

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Published Articles


5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness

Let’s focus on repairing our gut — Our gut is also known as “second brain.” Focusing on gut health will improve your ability to reduce inflammation and absorb nutrients properly. When your body can finally absorb all the nutrients from the good food you eat, your mood will improve as well.

Published Feb 27, 2022

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The 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career In The Health and Wellness Industry

Have the CEO mindset and don’t make the practice about your goals. Your practice is all about serving others and changing lives. Making decisions based on what my clients will want, vs making decisions what I want as the CEO of my company. This is so important to have the CEO mindset and understand every decision we are making is it helping us to grow is are we making decision to support our ego. As an entrepreneur, mindset is everything and how we show up for our clients is how we show up in our own life.

Published Dec 26, 2021

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How To Grow Your Business or Brand By Writing A Book

Set aside time each week to promote the book and show your audience behind the scenes of what’s going on. As an author we spend so much time making sure the book is perfect and if we don’t set aside time to get the word out, all of our hard work won’t be recognized since our audience will be confused what’s going on.

Published Nov 1, 2021

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Published Articles


7 Skills To Increase Your Resilience

There are lots of different definitions of the word "resilient”, but the one that most encompasses what we're talking about today is this: "the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress."

Published Jul 28, 2021

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Have a Wonder Woman Mindset To Rewriting Your STORRIE

Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women (and girls) around the world. Today, on March 8th, we celebrate all women and their achievements throughout history and across nations. This globally recognized holiday is also a day to raise awareness of issues affecting women around the world and increase equality between men and women.

Published March 8, 2021

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When Life Hits You Hard – Keep Calm and Take Your Adaptogens

What are adaptogens?

Adaptawhat??? Derived from the Greek word “adapto”.

This might be the first time you hear about adaptogens! The term adaptogen is applied to plants that produce special substances allowing them to survive under significant conditions of environmental stress.

Published Dec 18, 2020

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