STORRIE Wholistic Wellness Coach™ Certification Program 


For New & Established Clinicians-Entrepreneurs 


This 6 month certification program walks you through every stage of building a wellness practice from scratch, whether you want to start a business or prefer to practice in a more traditional way. 

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What is a Certified STORRIE WholisticWellness Coach?


Our goal at STORRIE Academy™ is to show you how to offer Wholistic Wellness Coaching™ to clients seeking to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Most of our students practice virtually online, providing consultation, information, strategy, tools, resources, and motivation to restore their clients’ quality of life.

To accomplish this, our training incorporates:

Clinical training
Non-clinical training
Functional medicine lab testing training
Business education 
Tools for attracting clients
Training on how to enroll clients
Personal branding
Publicity & publishing


STORRIE Academy™ offers the same level of certification as other leading functional medicine programs in the country. Your certification is not an endorsement of quality but rather a statement that you have completed certain training requirements. For the official definition of “Certified", please refer to the official STORRIE Academy™ Agreement.


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STORRIE Academy™ gives exhausted clinicians
the opportunity to rewrite their “story.” 

Hone Your Wholistic Wellness™ Area of Focus

You’ll identify and hone your abilities in your area of focus.

Develop Your Wholistic Wellness Programs

Define your signature process & client services.

Grow Your Practice in a Digital Landscape

Learn to use virtual tools to build your practice and get clients online.

Build Your Personal Brand for Credibility

Share your knowledge and expertise to become known for your area of focus.

Practice Under
the Coaching Umbrella

Learn how to offer Wholistic Wellness Coaching™  services for better outcomes.

Utilize Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Leverage 3rd party tools to identify the root cause of your client’s discomfort.

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The STORRIE Academy™ Educational Track



STORRIE Academy Certification™  

Continue your training to learn advanced clinical skills, grow your practice, and become a certified Storrie Wellness Coach 

  • Introduction to Functional Medicine Lab Testing
  • Trace Elements - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Clinical Presentations on Lifestyle Medicine
  • Marketing mastery to accelerate client flow
  • Elite mindset for entrepreneurship
  • Advanced tools for personal transformation 
  • Critical systems & accountability for business growth
  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing Deep Dive
  • Learn to hire and manage a team
  • Track and convert leads into clients
  • Create a world-class customer service experience
  • Develop additional streams of revenue and more cash flow
  • Learn to operate your business finances
  • Track your business growth and plan to win
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STORRIE Academy™ 
Tuition & Enrollment Calendar

Enrollment Periods 

Course Options 

Payment Options

Enrollment Available:




STORRIE Academy Certification™

(Includes STORRIE Method™ eCourse)

6 Months 


STORRIE Academy Certification™ 
6 Months 

Enrollment Available:  


 Payment Options:

Option 1:

6 Monthly Payments of $1,250

BONUS: FREE Ticket to VIP In-Person Event 


Option 2:

Pay In Full $6,750 (SAVE $750)

BONUS: FREE Ticket to VIP In-Person Event

BONUS: 2  30 minute 1:1 Strategy Calls with Dr. Christine ($1000 Value)

6 Monthly Payments of $1,250



Pay In Full $6750 (SAVE $750)


Enroll Now!

Enrolling in STORRIE Academy™ 
is an investment in your future.

Career Fulfillment

Attain an elite lifestyle while knowing you’re providing the highest standard of care.

Financial Independence

Eliminate third-party payers with private, virtual services that truly change lives.

Improved Health

Create superior health with essential wellness and prevention modalities.

A Modern Focus

Offer the natural, healthy, and cutting-edge options people are demanding.

An Expanded Skillset

Get certified by STORRIE Academy™ and have more ways to help + serve.

A Business Mindset

Learn how to provide highly desirable services that the market is asking for.

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Eligibility for Enrollment


To be eligible for enrolling in STORRIE Academy™ you must be a certified coach or medical professional showing proof of active licenses in good standing, including interns and residents. By way of example, these include holders of MD, DO, DC, NP, ND, DDS, DPM, OD, OT, PT, RPh, PharmD, DPT, PA, LAc, DOM, RD, BS in nursing. Students of these programs are also eligible. You are also eligible if you are a wellness practitioner or holistic professional and you are certified in your area of expertise and in good standing with the certification. STORRIE Academy™ does not teach coaching skills or certify anyone in clinical skills. We are a business training institute.


Why enroll with STORRIE Academy™ when there are other choices available? 


STORRIE Academy™ is the world’s leading Wholistic Wellness™ business coaching and certification for healthcare practitioners, clinicians, holistic professionals, and coaches. We combine the most cutting-edge, evidence-based health and wellness practices with the most advanced entrepreneurship essentials and training on the market. STORRIE Academy™ offers the widest variety of business mentorship, disruptive strategy, and entrepreneurship essentials, coursework, coaching, community, accountability, and mentorship you need to successfully build a financially viable, ultra-profitable wellness practice.

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For Questions about Our Programs & Enrollment

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Our Certification Process 

Complete Coursework

All Levels are required to apply for certification.

Submit Your Wholistic Wellness Coaching Plan

We show you how to create a plan for your wholistic wellness practice. This is a recipe for your success.

Receive Your Certified STORRIE Wholistic Wellness Coach™ Certification

Update your marketing materials with your certification.

Join the STORRIE™ Membership

You’ll receive a listing in our exclusive member directory and receive access to monthly office hours with the community.

Renew Your Certification Every 3 Years

Renew your content license every 3 years by paying a renewal fee.

Join Us in Supporting Corporate Wellness

We are taking the change to the corporate environment. Join us in helping change our workplaces.

Join STORRIE Institute 
Membership Program

Pay In Full $2,500
12 Monthly payments of $250

Certified STORRIE Consultant
Mastermind Curriculum

The Mastermind is for business owners with multiple years of experience.
Acceptance is by application only. 

Mastermind Schedule

Mastermind Curriculum 

Month 1


Define your focus 

Structure new offers to accelerate your income.

Mastermind small groups will be formed based on the new services you’d like to offer.

Options include: 
Private coaching & consulting
Corporate wellness programs
Consulting to small & mid-sized businesses
Digital courses + online group programs   

Month 2


Design your packages. 


Create a signature offer using STORRIE Method™. 

You’ll learn to package, price, and position new offers that will correlate with your new services. 


Month 3


Generate leads. 


Attract qualified leads for your offers.

Learn to use advanced marketing tools, funnels, social media, and PR to generate qualified leads.


Month 4


Master the sales conversation. 


Sell your offers.

Practice selling your offers by mastering a proper sales pitch, including how to present your offer’s return on investment and overcome objections.


Month 5


Master the sales conversation. 


Attend our live certification event.

Present your pitch (in-person or virtually) to your mastermind peers to practice your new skills. 


The Mastermind is Offered Bi-Annually.

Option 1: May to September

Option 2: November to March


Admission Accepted During Open Enrollment Only.

Entry to the Mastermind Mid-Semester is Not Permitted.  


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